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What People Are Saying About Bliss Remembered

“This book sounds so simple: Sydney Stringfellow, nearing death, sits her son down and tells him about a special, long-ago time of her life. But Deford’s beautifully written novel is a bit more complex than that. This is one of those novels that defies categorization. There’s romance in it, but it’s not a love story. It’s set, partly, against the backdrop of a world war, but it’s not a war story. There is heartrending tragedy, but it’s not a tragedy. The story doesn’t fully reveal itself until the end, when Deford ties all the threads together, showing us finally what he’s been building before our eyes.  This multilayered, finely crafted, and elegantly constructed novel will appeal both to readers of historical fiction and to those who crave any kind of writing that is genuinely inspiring.”



“This skillfully-written historical novel . . . falls on the ear of the reader like a conversation with a cherished old family member . . . then turns and hits you like a well-crafted spy novel.  This is good stuff, an unforgettable book by a top-drawer author.  Recommended without reservation.”

              EDITORS’ CHIOICE: Historical Novels Review


“A work of enthralling historical fiction . . . Deford slyly teaches readers something about 1930s-1940s history while also writing convincingly about love and warHIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

              Library Journal


“Deford's newest is entertaining and thought provoking. He has a superb sense of character and period, and readers will at once feel drawn into the turbulent times. The memoir device, while overused in many books, is put to excellent effect.  The surprising twist will catch readers off guard but not leave them feeling cheated. This is a poignant story, utterly charming and enjoyable.”

              STARRED REVIEW: Publisher’s Weekly


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